Listening to Martyn Palmer’s work as electronic artist Broken Chip, it’s almost impossible to disassociate its point of origin from the end result. Indeed, if ever there was a call for an official soundtrack for the Blue Mountains, Martyn’s music would be a wholly appropriate choice.

Damion Hunter’s journey to the Blue Mountains began 5049 kilometres away on the other side of the country. Born in Karratha in the Pilbara region of Western Australia, it was his profession as an actor that brought him to Sydney, but love and family that drew him to his current home in Katoomba.

For most people, the idea of a tree-change symbolises a shift towards a quieter or simpler life. However, for artists and designers Hannah & Mark Surtees, the opposite is almost entirely true.

Tegan Bennett Daylight’s latest book, Six Bedrooms, was recently lauded as “one of the best books of the year” by renowned indie book chain, Readings. While that’s certainly a prodigious plaudit, it is somewhat unsurprising – particularly given that the Katoomba-based author was once pegged by the Sydney Morning Herald as one of Australia’s “Best…